What We Do

We target corporate wrongdoing and help regain consumer trust using all legal means.

We expose all wrongdoing by businesses and corporations serving the public, aiming to bring back the good old days when the USA was a model of honesty and superior service envied by the rest of the world.

RegulateThem.Com is about law, order, ethics, and doing the right thing.

RegulateThem.Com focuses on providing wake up calls to businesses committing crimes against unsuspecting customers. No direct monetary or other gain is sought after, demanded, or requested from the targets of our investigations and actions. All we demand is an immediate correction of the issues we raise. Any refusal to do so may potentially set in motion an active domino effect that will utilize public awareness campaigns and legal action. We do not threaten anyone, we provide the opportunity and time to correct a wrongdoing and take the appropriate corrective action. Consider us a heads-up information provider.