Why We Do It

According to Jewish beliefs, every human being is equally created in the image of God himself. It is believed that by saving one human life, you have saved the entire world. It is well settled, that a person may violate any or all of God rules, but if he asks for forgiveness and does not repeat his sins, God will forgive all his sins. However, there is one and only one sin God never forgives, nor can he forgive, a sin committed against another person. It is only the person who the sin was committed against that can forgive the person who committed it. Often this concept is forgotten. We need to be mindful that regardless of how good of a worshiper you are, no matter how many good deeds you purport to do, no matter how much charity you donate or perform, at the end of the day or even your life, all that really counts is how well you treated others. We are all judged the same regardless of our religion, skin color, origin and position on the social ladder of our society. If we did not make the right kind of "deposits" in the future while still in this life, there is nothing unfortunately we will be able to do about it. Once the light goes out, the old game is over and the new game has a new set of rules.

Sample Mission

What you don't know may actually hurt you. For example, remember the cigarette manufacturers internal memoranda brought to light by whistle blowers about the addictive characteristics of nicotine? The manufactures knew about it for fifty years and continued to add additional nicotine to cigarettes in order to keep their customers coming back for more, despite killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. What was the penalty to the manufactures for these practices? After a few congressional hearings, they were fined and subjected to advertisement restrictions. The executives of the companies responsible got a slap on the wrist and a huge bonus at the end each profitable year. Take a moment to consider this, even a $750 million dollar fine is a nominal consequence if you are able to avoid incarceration and your company enjoys a profit margin of five billion dollars yearly. The cigarette industry is now regulated and carefully monitored.

What would you say if you learned that a few serial killers who knowingly and premeditatedly killed more people than all history's serial killers combined have avoided prosecution by paying fines to the federal government? What would you say if you learned that they are now walking freely among us while enjoying private chauffeurs, personal private jets, and residing in guarded mansions?

Are you able to name two major drug manufacturers? If so, then you have identified at least one of these killers. Do you realize that if you are a large drug manufacturer with a few lobbyists on your payroll and you killed hundreds of people you are given the opportunity to pay a fine and AVOID CRIMINAL PENALTIES!

Whenever new experimental unapproved and dangerous drugs are tested on animals, animal rights organizations are prepared to protest. When the same is done on children, you create an immediate association with Dr. Mengele, but when you are a large pharmaceutical company, you just do it! This may sound like a fictional horror movie script; however, all of our allegations are based on published government reports and public documents. One example of a recent settled claim involved the Nigerian authorities filing a $6 BILLION dollar criminal and civil charge that an American pharmaceutical company illegally tested an experimental drug on children during a 1996 meningitis epidemic. Nigerian authorities demonstrated that the company illegally tested an experimental drug not allowed to be tested on human in the USA or anywhere else worldwide. the American pharmaceutical company took advantage of the meningitis epidemic outbreak to test these drugs on poor third world country children. On July 31, 2009, the said pharmaceutical company signed a $75 million agreement with Nigerian authorities to settle these criminal and civil charges, tantamount to a slap on the wrist. Another example of that pharmaceutical company at its' finest, is the testing of the antibiotic Trovan which killed 11 children and disabled hundreds more. This is hardly the first time pharmaceutical companies has dealt with such claims. Many Drugs have been recalled for causing death in patients who have unsuspectingly taken the drug.

Our discussion of the use of certain popular cholesterol lowering drug requires a comparison of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world with Dr. Mengele. While some may perceive this as initially harsh, you should consider the fact that in the eyes of God (and the law of the land) there is no distinction between a premeditated killer of ten people and a killer of thousands of people. Then, and only then does our mission become clear! Remember, Dr. Mengele conducted his horrific "tests" in part due to a twisted mind so horrific that it must have been due in part to insanity. pharmaceutical companies do it in the name of greed!

What would you call NUMEROUS Federal Criminal investigations substantiating the fact that a certain major pharmaceutical corporation, clearly knew the risk and outcome of a product they publicly dispense? The results of taking these drugs may include death and slow, long term organ damage resulting in death or terminal illnesses. Yet, manufacturing and distribution continues regularly. Failing to issue a recall for all the harmful drug products marketed is not in the manufactures business plan. Rather than recall many of the drugs, the manufactures prefer to pay the few millions in fines, which do not even come out of their own pocket!

These few millions in fines are issued routinely and are not a deterrent to manufacturers. These few millions in fines are merely rolled back on the consumer, which is partially the reason drugs are so expensive. A pill that costs pennies in actual manufacturing costs ends up costing the consumer tens of dollars. When confronted about the price, manufacturers will always raise the Research and Development cost flag. What they fail to add is the fines, attorney fees, millions in bonuses, first class flying, wining, dining, corporate jets, corporate retreats, etc... all while dancing on our loved ones graves.

Let us be mindful, Hitler, the worst human waste who ever lived, never killed a fly with his own hands, never squeezed a trigger, and never even aimed a gun at any living thing but himself (committing suicide in his bunker). He just commanded orders resulting in death similar to what pharmaceutical industry executives are doing. In the eyes of the law and God, killing or knowingly causing the death of one person or millions of people is equally the same. But not when you are a major pharmaceutical corporation with lobbyists and the victims are our voiceless loved ones.

Now close your eyes, relax, and try to imagine yourself in the shoes of the person who just lost his son, daughter, spouse, or a parent to a corporate killer. Clearly, the government reports and criminal investigations documenting these deaths are a boring bunch of papers. However, when you or your loved one is affected by the issues reported in these reports, all of a sudden it becomes very interesting. Has your mother, daughter, or wife ever taken cholesterol lowering drugs? If so, they have a chance (according to government reports) of being one of the 10% of women, who suffered or will suffer a heart attack as direct result of taking this illegally prescribed drug, which was not approved for women and continues to be widely distributed and prescribed regardless of the risk!

Now, something to think about: If that is what that certain cholesterol lowering drug does to women - are you 100% sure it is safe for men? Do you trust the FDA? Do you know how many popular drugs APPROVED by the FDA where pulled from the market after years of use and thousands of deaths and injuries?

Now, apply the above to all the targets of investigation and exposure in this site and you will understand what we are all about.