BMW USA and local BMW dealerships

Fraudulent Invoicing

RegulateThem.Com is targeting BMW USA for Inflating repair costs by manipulating hourly repair charges. This is a joint conspiracy between BMW USA and the local dealers to keep the dealers happy by defrauding the public.

The scam works as follows: The manufacturer (with the help of BMW USA) prints a list of hundreds of potential repairs and maintenance procedures and sets an inflated time each repair or maintenance procedure should take. These estimated timetables are followed like a bible by the dealer and is the basis for the initial estimate cost. It is virtually unheard of that a customer receives a final bill showing a reduced / lower cost from the initial estimate to the repair or maintenance procedures that took place. Each and every invoice issued to the customer lists both labor and parts costs, however while part cost is a fixed cost that does not change, the labor cost listed on the invoice is NOT the ACTUAL time it took to replace a part, but the manufacturer inflated "suggested" repair time. The actual repair time in many cases is half or less the listed time of which the customer is charged. Further more, repair time includes the time it takes to remove other parts that are in the way to get to the part needs replacement, but if there are two parts that needs repair and clearing the path for the first one will clear the way for the second one as well, they still charge you as if they had to clear up the path independently!

This is happening on a daily bases at all BMW dealerships and is affecting hundreds of thousands of invoices a year at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars overpaid by unsuspecting customers.

BMW customers, unaware of the length of time each repair or maintenance procedure should actually take, are quoted and charged what amounts to the parts cost together with the number of hours on the manufacturer FRAUDULENT list time multiplied by the hourly rate. This has been done for years and it has to stop and stop now!

Every business and service that charges labor and service by the hour must charge (by law) for the work done at the published hourly rates multiplied by the ACTUAL time it took to complete the job. All external time consuming tasks such as private calls, use of bathroom, interferences by questions from co-workers and superiors regarding other matters and jobs should be deducted from the final formula.

NOW THINK ABOUT THIS: warranty repairs for which the manufacturer reimburses the dealership, the flat rate times are much lower. Why does the same job take less time if the factory pays for it?!!!

The current practice is a premeditated scam aimed at extracting extra funds from the customer. Most repairs are done at half or less the preset estimated timetables but the customer is NEVER charged the real time it took to fix the car.

Pre Owned Certified

Violation of the Truth In Advertising law: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the main federal agency that enforces advertising laws and regulations. Pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission Act, "Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive." RegulateThem.Com is targeting a fraudulent advertisements action being committed daily by BMW USA and its dealerships networks on a federal level. A program that began with the right idea has been scaled down to virtual elimination while maintaining the same advertisement campaigns. These campaigns deceive the public purchasing pre-owned vehicles into believing that the pre-owned car they purchased went through a long check list and every item that is not up to manufacturer specifications is replaced and all basic maintenance has been completed as if was new. However, the fact is that nothing is done during so the called multi point pre-owned certification process. All that is done is a simple detailing of the car.

Cars are released to the public with a representation that a multi point pre-owned certification process has been preformed when in fact the cars have many issues substantiating the fact that no such service was performed. We have noticed issues such low oil level! No oil change performed in over a YEAR! No filters were changed! No dry or cracked belts where replaced! Doors rattling like a church donation box, Bodywork repairs were made with new paint applied (not visible on CarFax as previous owner did not want to raise insurance payments and paid from their own pocket) and many other issues. All in cars labeled as passed the multi point pre-owned certification process...

There are numerous long-term damages that can result from such fraudulent behavior but most will show up later on in the life of the car, after the warrantee has expired and the customer is then stuck paying for repairs from his own pocket. The internal dealership attitude appears to be, why check the car? If they have a problem within the warrantee timeframe, the customer will come in and we will fix it. If it is passed the warrantee time, all the better!

Clearly the problem with this attitude is that for every little issue with the car (if the customer is lucky enough to recognize a problem before the warrantee expires) the customer need to waste half a day of work to bring the car in and than pick it up. BMW is very sensitive to public opinion regarding their service and masks their wrongdoing with what looks like a superb service utilizing anything from free coffee to smiley faces and free car washes. This is done to push and push and push again for a service satisfaction rating of excellent. The reality is most customers, unaware of what is really happening with their shiny cars will give the highest rating based on the smiley faces and free coffee not realizing that in two years down the road, this will turn out to be the most expensive coffee they ever had. RegulateThem.Com will request to subpoena the record of all local dealerships including internal memoranda and testimony from employees to expose this wrongdoing and press for the recall of all vehicles under suspicion of not receiving the promised treatment and service.

In addition: Pursuant to common law reference 35 USC section 1064(5) Sec. 1064. Cancellation of registration. RegulateThem.Com will demonstrate that BMW USA and all local BMW dealerships have violated their right to maintain and sustain control over its own trademark name (BMW USA, Rallye, Prestige, etc). Pursuant to the above cited reference, such violations are grounds for the revocation of a trademark. Although the statute has overriding authority, the court has the jurisdiction and the power to issue such revocations. RegulateThem.Com, has begun the process of an independent campaign to revoke the trademarks mentioned above based on fraudulent criminal practices involving fraudulent advertising (CPO) and fraudulent overcharging for repairs and maintenance of pre-owned vehicles.