COMES NOW the Defendant, Arye Sachs and hereby supply the following Special PUBLIC and OPEN Letter to Honorable Judge John N. Nelson:

Defendant Arye Sachs served from 1978 until 1981 as an intelligence gathering officer in the military ground forces venturing at times to uncharted enemy territories. Mr. Sachs developed over the years two hobbies: Aviation Restoration and Law.

Mr. Sachs is a mostly self educated man with no credentials or any official degree from any law school, and the English skills of a 15 year old high school student at most.

The love of the law and the desire to keep it pure is in the heart of that hobby together with the enjoyment of the intellectual and discovery elements. A federal judge in New York once said about Mr. Sachs in open court to the record: “Mr. Sachs confuses litigation with recreation” The judge was wrong - litigation IS Mr. Sachs recreation.

Mr. Sachs has the utmost respect for the legal profession (but absolutely no respect for scumbag lying ambulance chasers) and trusts that his concerns will be addressed and taken seriously.

The following view is based on legal search and information gathering utilizing public and private information (whistle blowers etc) gathered LEGALLY:

On January 24, 2013 the defendant got a call from his friend in Lindenhurst, New York that a package came for him from David J. Hossler, who like a small child tries to kick again and sent a copy of his exhibits to the address NOT belonging to the defendant.

It was not enough for David; the ambulance chaser from Arizona that even the Honorable Judge John Nelson himself from Arizona sent his order to the defendant’s published address in West Hempstead and NOT 30 miles away in Lindenhurst. But these are his (Hossler’s) last uncontrolled movements as a dead stinking fish out of his water.

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