The Pharmaceutical industry

The Pharmaceutical industry dark side.

The following is a brief review of The Pharmaceutical industry and some of their products. The information goes to show character and reputation of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, a reputation that is totally different from the one claimed by The Pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturer of many drugs under investigation and scrutiny by many countries and local agencies. There is that old joke about a lady who got her credit card stolen but her husband never reported it to the police. When asked why he didn't report it, he said: There is no thief in the world that can spend like my wife. It is actually costing me much less now that he stole it and uses it himself.

As in the joke, no one can hurt The Pharmaceutical industry more than The Pharmaceutical industry is hurting itself; This industry is not a Honey-Nut Cheerios manufacturer. The Pharmaceutical industry is a consumer-oriented manufacturer at the highest level possible. It sells health and life-supporting products and as such should be held to the highest standards on Earth. In many ways, it should be answerable to the highest authorities. The Pharmaceutical industry is known to be its own worst enemy, with occasional federal investigations, mounting lawsuits, and class action claims. It has also proven (Just Google some of the biggest names in the industry together with the word Fraud) that its greed has led, and is still leading, to the loss of human life.

In the early 2000s, The Pharmaceutical industry was sick with an all too common illness, one, which a corporation can live with for many years until it is uncovered, but which may cause severe pain nonetheless. If not treated right, it can even lead to the demise of the company. This terrible tumor is called consumer fraud.

The Pharmaceutical industry has faced many litigation cases on topics including, but not limited to, defective heart valves, violations of Food and Drug Administration regulations in the United States, and a handful of consumer fraud cases in the U.S. and abroad.

These are not discomfort or injury cases, For example (can be goggled to obtain federal documents and sources) there are cases in which death resulted from The Pharmaceutical industry 's engagement in a massive campaign to convince both doctors and patients that certain drags is a beneficial treatment for nearly everyone with elevated cholesterol. According to the complaint, women with healthy hearts who took a certain cholesterol lowering drug actually suffered a 10 percent increase in heart attacks compare to women treated with a placebo.

A criminal federal investigation was initiated and class action claims are mounting. it becomes more obvious with each new customer left on the killing fields of greed that it is all about preserving the reputation and bank account of The Pharmaceutical industry at all costs.

"Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?" (Jeremiah 13:23). The problems keep coming back in growing numbers. This time The Pharmaceutical industry has gone from securities fraud issues to actual consumer life-and-death issues. The industry conduct in this matter is shameful. Its greed keeps growing and growing and growing, much like an Energizer Bunny on 1000mg of Viagra.

This all may sound as claims without merits as it generalize the companies and their products. Well, just do your own short research in to the Federal investigations and fines paid by these executive to stay out of jail and you will find out that the industry paid over FIVE BILLION DOLLARS yes, Billions with a B to the federal government for killing out loved one for greed. Internal documents and whistle blowers confirmed that the companies knew that certain drugs will cause death and continued the distribution process. The problem is that even Billions in fines will not make a dent to these executive greed bustards with a license to kill, they should be sent to jail as was the case with the energy (Enron) and communication (Comcast) industry.